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I just realized something shocking and profound about the Korra finale: By leaving the spirit portals open Korra created her own crucible by giving Zaheer his powers and the ability to come after and destroy her! I don’t know if that was purposeful or if anyone else feels that way. If it was on purpose then that puts season 4 in a different perspective of how and where they will go. I think they should spend the season rebuilding Korra’s strength confidence and ability to hope. She’s at her lowest point at this moment even more so than at the end of season 1, and she needs to grow and learn from all the experiences that led up to it. Zaheer isn’t dead and there are WAY more red lotus cronies than everyone originally thought. Season 4 has the potential to be the most profound moving and uplifting season if done right, they can’t sweep what happened under the rug like season 2 did with the book 1 storylines, but they can’t be too heavy and overbearing with the seriousness either, humor and love helps people the most. This journey will be as much a spiritual as physical by reflecting upon herself and her avatar journey, Korra can reconnecte with the past avatars and hopefully make herself whole again. I hope that Zuko sticks around too cause if anyone can help its him, he knows firsthand what its like to have everything ripped from you and have to fight your way back. Mako, Bolin and Asami should help too they all love her for different reasons, whether its romantic or familial. Tenzin and Katara too. Everyone needs to be there for her now.

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